Snowy Calgary roads
What to do when your car get stuck on snowy Calgary roads

When you are trying to drive during the winter, you are bound to run into some less than desirable conditions. This is very true when you are driving in Calgary. When driving in these conditions, you must know what to do if your car gets stuck on these snowy Calgary roads.


Keep the proper tools in your car

It is much easier to get out of a messy situation when you have the proper tools in your car. Keeping a shovel, some road salt, and kitty litter can be very important when you get stuck. Instead of having to wait for a tow truck or good Samaritan, you will be able to dig yourself out and be on your way. These items can be purchased at a very low cost at most grocery or hardware stores.


Keep your approach straight and easy

Trying to get out of a bad situation when you are stuck can seem overwhelming. However, keeping calm and addressing the situation with precision and calmness will help you get unstuck faster than you would otherwise be able to. Make sure that your wheels are kept straight as you continue to slowly accelerate out of your position. When you slam on the gas, you are just going to spin your tires. You need to make sure that you are gradually accelerating out of the situation that you are in. This is the easiest way to gain traction on the already slippery road.


Signal for help if you need it

When the road conditions are just out of control, you sometimes need to call for help. You will be surprised at how helpful fellow motorists can be when you are in this type of situation. Turn on your hazard lights and wave for help. Sometimes a simple push can get your car the traction it needs. If you can’t move a budge even with the help of fellow motorists, it is time to call a tow truck.


Dealing with poor road conditions can be difficult for everyone involved. It is important to stay calm during these situations as you will have a much more likely time making it out safely with a calm mindset.

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Collision Repairs
5 Myths About Collision Repairs

Getting into a car accident is a harrowing and stressful experience. There are so many things going on at once, from having to retain the other driver’s personal and insurance information to thinking about what to do next. If your accident is bad enough that your vehicle requires repairs, one of the first things you will have to do is go to an auto body repair shop. There are a few myths about auto repairs that you should know before heading to the shop.


The Insurance Company Determines Which Auto Body Shop You Use

The insurance company will refer some auto body shops to you, including those on its Direct Repair Program. However, you are under no obligation to use the services of any one of those. In reality, you can choose your own shop to make repairs on your car. The insurance company must also negotiate with the shop on the amount spent on repairs, even if the auto body shop gives you a higher quote.


The Dealer is the Only One Able to Repair a Car Back to its Previous Condition

Many drivers mistakenly believe that only the car dealer is able to restore a vehicle to its previous condition following a collision. Although you will want to have any OEM parts applied to your car after an accident, the dealer is certainly not the only place that can provide them. You might even get aftermarket parts, depending on the terms of your insurance policy. The best thing to do is to become familiar with your insurance policy and find an auto body shop that can make repairs to match the price offered by dealers.


Insurance Companies Cover Any Damages to Your Vehicle

You must know what’s covered in your insurance policy. Not all policies will include every aspect of damage. Different insurance policies cover topics such as liability, collusion, comprehensive, personal injury protection and uninsured motorist protection. Depending on what is included in your policy, you may or may not be covered for all of those things.


A Car Will Never be the Same After an Accident

Although a car can be damaged badly following an accident, the right auto repair shop can restore it back to its previous condition. Not only can a reputable shop bring the aesthetics back to what they were before an accident, but the safety and functioning can also be restored.


Going to an Auto Repair Shop Other Than What the Insurance Company Recommends Means Voiding Your Warranty

In reality, the insurance company will not warranty the repairs done on your vehicle. Instead, the shop does that. It’s important to choose a shop that will guarantee a warranty on its work for the lifetime of your car.


Knowing these myths about collision repairs will ensure that you get the most out of your vehicle when you choose the right shop.

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Common Winter Car Accidents in Calgary
Common Winter Car Accidents in Calgary

Winter driving is no laughing matter, as any Calgary native will tell you. With road conditions variant in inclement weather, it can be easy to lose control of the wheel and experience an accident during winter driving. By staying on top of some of these common accidents, however, you can better prepare for driving in winter conditions.



When your vehicle begins to lose traction on a slippery road, you may experience something called fishtailing. As you swerve to regain control of your vehicle, you are in immediate danger of colliding with any number of surrounding obstacles. This type of accident is especially common along backwoods where trees present an all-too common danger.


Rear-End Collisions

Fishtailing can even occur on the highway or city roads. When you are driving quickly and need to brake for a light, be sure to stop your car at a slow and controlled pace. Icy road conditions may sometimes move the vehicle towards another car, resulting in a rear-end collision.


Crossing Collisions

This same problem translates to busy intersections where you need to pay attention to other drivers. Sometimes, even when you are as careful as can be, another driver may be experiencing a problem on the road. No matter where you are, be sure to give yourself a little bit more stopping space and always be mindful of stop signs in order to avoid an unforeseen problem.


Visibility Problems

Driving during a storm is often inevitable. When you need to make a trip down during a snowstorm, it is important to be as cautious as possible, or even avoid the trip altogether if it is possible. Poor visibility can result in all types of problems for drivers, no matter how careful they are being. Keep your lights and wipers in top condition to give yourself the edge during a particularly stormy drive.


If you have recently experienced an accident and need the assistance of capable professionals to help you, be sure to contact All Makes Collision Centre

(403) 536-0518

. The representatives will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Winter Driving in Calgary
Five Major Tips for Driving in Calgary this Winter

Even for the most experienced driver, winter brings on its snowy, icy challenges for those of us living in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’ll be driving in the colder months this year, here are some major tips to help you get safely to wherever you’re going:


Get Your Car Ready for Winter

Get your car ready by taking it in for regular service, and making sure it’s in top shape. A good break system is essential. Also check your battery and lights. Make sure your defroster and windshield wipers are working, and check on all fluid levels. Be prepared before you ever get on the road.


Drive Slowly

Once you’re on the road, the biggest tip you can follow is this: Drive slowly. This includes accelerating, decelerating, and taking turns more slowly. Remember that speed limits were set for roads in dry conditions. Icy, wet roads make it harder for tires to get a grip on the road, and if you’re going too fast, you will lose control. In especially icy conditions, drop 20 or more km/h below the posted speed limit. Always err on the side of caution.


Keep Your Distance

Because your car will be harder to steer in icy conditions, maintain longer breaking distances. This will give you plenty of time to slow down, and also gives you a chance to react if anything happens. Although most people exercise caution in winter, don’t really on other drivers for your own safety.


Prepare for Skids

If you find yourself skidding on ice, it means you’re driving too fast for the road conditions. The best way to deal with skids is to slow down and avoid them in the first place. But if you do find yourself in that situation, remember these three things: 1) Take your foot of the accelerator. 2) Do not break. Fight the somewhat natural urge to do so. 3) Turn gently in the direction of the skid. This will be whatever direction the back of your car is swinging out to.


Stay Home

In very bad conditions, avoid driving entirely. Always check your local weather advisory and follow their instructions on whether or not it’s safe enough to drive on the road.


We hope you’ll stay safe this winter, and be ready to take on the season’s driving challenges head on. Please call the All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

(403) 536-0518

for any questions.

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Distracted Driving Tips
Top Tips To Avoid Distracted Driving

We all get distracted sometimes. Indeed, distracted drivers are everywhere you look. In fact, here are some simple yet smart ideas to make you a safer, less distracted driver:


Cell Phone Use
In many places, you are breaking the law if you use your phone and drive. Even if you live somewhere that it is not against the law, cell phones are really only for emergency use only. If you have an emergency on the road, you should pull your vehicle over anyway. Online sources indicate that even various hands-free equipment can lead a driver to miss important audio and visual cues that prevent accidents.


Don’t drive drowsy. Driving while drowsy will increase your chances of crashing by almost four times. If you’re too tired to drive then don’t. Pullover for a break.


Don’t drive with too many passengers. You should also limit the amount of activity inside your car as well. Some countries, like the U.S., do not allow new, teenage drivers to have any passengers during their first year of driving. Driving with too many friends can actually be dangerous to inexperienced or infrequent drivers because they focus too much on their passengers and not enough on the road.


Don’t eat and drive. You might be saving time finishing your breakfast on the way to work, but eating and drinking in the car make you less aware and attentive of the other drivers all around you. Pundits report that food spills are one of the most common causes of distraction.


Many people spend a lot of time in their cars. That does not, however, mean that driving is the best time or place to get things done. Don’t groom yourself, phone friends, search for good music or text your friends. Keep your eyes on the road.


Take your time when you drive. Focus on your safety (and that of your passengers if you have any). Research indicates that humans can only process so much at one time.
In order to drive safely, one must shift his attention back and forth while on the road. This makes any distractions very dangerous. So plan ahead and take your time while on the road.


Drive carefully and don’t get distracted. Remember, though, if you’re driving safely, but are hit by a distracted driver, don’t worry. You can call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

(403) 536-0518

for any questions.

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