Bumper Repair Calgary

If your vehicle’s bumper sustains damage, please do not hesitate to bring it to our attention. We have trained professionals on site that can determine the cost and give you a free estimate. All Makes Collision Centre is here to ensure your vehicle is safe before you leave our site.

A car’s bumper is designed to absorb as much impact as possible, protecting the more important parts of the car. When your bumper is damaged and you continue to drive you are placing your family and yourself at risk. At any moment, the person in front or behind you can bump into you which can cause more damage to your vehicle and place you at risk of an injury. Unrepaired damage to car bumpers may prevent the bumper’s ability to effectively absorb subsequent impacts.

Fixing damaged plastic bumpers involves grinding, sanding, sculpting, and painting, depending on how bad the hit is. Calgary’s auto body shop, All Makes Collision Centre is here for our customers. We ensure you are happy and safe before you leave our business.

Our auto body technicians are trained to do small repairs and touch-ups, while saving you time and money, depending on how large the damage is and if you damaged the absorber, which is located behind your bumper cover. In most cases, we require removing your bumper to see if there is any damage under the plastic bumper. If your rebar is damaged, you will have to change this as the rebar guards you from major impacts.

Feel free to contact us or book an appointment and we will get back to within 24 to 48 hours.