Windshield Replacement Calgary

Your windshield protect your vehicle’s occupants from wind and flying debris such as dust, insects, and rocks.

UV coating may be used to screen out harmful ultraviolet radiation. However, this is usually unnecessary since most auto windshields are constructed of laminated safety glass. Calgary’s auto body shop, All Makes Collision Centre specializes in windshield replacement and windshield chip repairs. We also replace any other glass such as Sunroof glass, side glass and back glass.

Windshield replacement process:

When removing your damaged windshield, we start by removing the window wipers; if damaged, we recommend you get replacements so you do not scratch or damage your new windshield. Our trained glass technicians then remove the cowl which is located at the bottom of your front windshield and we make sure all glass is cleaned up and the area is clean. Our technicians then remove all old glue and weather stripping, once again ensuring the area is clean and fresh, ready for the new product to be applied. To ensure our customer safety, we remove and clean up all broken glass fragments.

All Makes Collision Centre uses top-quality products and produces one of the best results in the city. Please feel free to call or visit our website to book your next appointment with All Makes Collision Centre. We offer free estimates at our location.