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Rear-End Collision Damage
Rear-End Collision Damage: Top 3 Things To Look For

Dealing with rear-end collision damage is never a fun experience. If your vehicle has been involved in a rear end accident, there are certain things you should check before getting back on the road again. This article provides you with the top 3 things you should look for.



Even if there appears to be no damage, critical components could be affected beneath the surface. In a rear-end collision, there is often damage behind the bumper cover, for example. Most modern vehicles use plastic bumper covers that don’t provide a lot of protection between the frame of your vehicle and another, even if it’s a small car that caused the impact. In short, you can’t always rely on the visual appearance to be sure there’s no damage. Always check.



If you notice changes in the way your car handles after a rear-end collision, your alignment is probably off. The most obvious symptom of an alignment issue is uneven driving or steering wobble where the wheel pulls to one side. There may also be vibration during driving where the wheels pull against each other as the car is moving. Improper alignment issues can cause serious safety hazards to your vehicle or others when driving. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to bring the car in at the first sign of an alignment issue.



Your vehicle’s trunk should open and close smoothly. If it does not after a rear-end collision, that means that there could be some damage to rear cabin components. While an issue like this doesn’t impact driving much, it can have major impacts on the resale value of your vehicle and can also create a safety hazard if the lid suddenly swings upward while driving, blocking rear visibility. If you notice trunk problems, a collision expert can perform the repair safely and quickly.



If your vehicle has been involved in a rear end accident, it’s a good idea to bring it into a professional who can diagnose the situation and get you going again.


Contact the body collision experts at Call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

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for an inspection and/or damage estimate today.

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Body Shop Estimates in Calgary
Six Reasons Body Shop Estimates Vary in Calgary

After your car has been damaged, you’re likely shopping around for a body shop in Calgary to complete the repairs. During this inquiry, you may notice that the estimates are not all the same, which can, in turn, lead to questions about why.


Different Services
Part of the issue may lie in the assessment. Body shops may notice different problems with the car. The shop that has the highest price might seem out of your budget, but a good chance exists that this shop is providing the most comprehensive service.


Materials Used
Some shops stock used parts, so they have the ability to offer a lower price. Other body shops provide new parts only. When deciding between cheaper used parts and more expensive new ones, take the quality of the parts and how long you plan to keep your car into consideration.


Ordering Supplies
In certain cases, shops may not have the necessary supplies or equipment to make the repairs. Auto mechanic shops that have to order the supplies are likely going to charge more since they now need to pay for shipping.


Years in the Business
Think about how virtually any business will raise its prices after time in the field. Established auto shops in the area may charge more than nascent ones in the field because they have more experience working on cars.


Need to Secure Your Business
A shop that is desperate for any business is likely to lower its price. Auto repair shops that are flourishing have more flexibility in sticking to a higher cost. If you do not want the repairs, the team likely knows that another customer who is willing to pay the price will come in shortly.


Companies Vary
While sometimes one of these reasons is at the center of different prices, also understand that repair shops set their own costs. Think about how likely it is that two shops would choose the exact same price.


When you are wondering why you’re receiving different price quotes from different entities, one of these reasons might be the cause. The goal is to choose the company that best serves your individual needs.

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Car Crash Repair in Calgary
Receiving The Right Car Crash Repair in Calgary

Being involved in a car crash can be a truly traumatic, costly experience for those involved. It generally leaves a lasting effect, both on your vehicle and on your personal well-being. You can fix one of those easily and alleviate some of the pressure and problems by having car repairs done in the correct manner here in Calgary.


Receiving An Estimate

To start, you will want to speak with a professional to receive an honest estimate of how much the repairs will cost. Depending on the level of damage on your vehicle, these repairs can run from a few hundred to well into the thousands. It really depends on the problem, what it needs to be fixed internally and externally, and how readily available such parts will be for your make and model.


The Right Shop

You obviously want to find the most professional repair shop available to you. Up until this point, perhaps, you may not have experienced a car wreck, so the shops could be a mystery. There are options, of course, and your insurance company may help you along the right path to receiving a fixed vehicle.


Avoid Used Parts

Whenever possible, avoid a mechanic or repair shop willing to make use of used car parts in your vehicle. In the long-run, these will only cause more problems and hassle. They will be overpriced and could potentially damage your vehicle even more than it already has been in a wreck. New parts may cost you more, but the quality and guarantee of them working correctly will be firmly in place along with those tightened bolts.


A vehicle collision doesn’t need to be the end of the world. In fact, you could end up finding problems with your vehicle that you didn’t even realize. It will be a costly issue to rectify, but with insurance and the right repair shop, those costs are manageable.


Call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

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for any questions. They can help you with any questions or concerns you may have following a car collision. Don’t be afraid to ask the tough questions and receive a response.

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Hail Damage Repair in Calgary
Minimizing Hail Damage in Calgary

We may love living here, but that means accepting the fact that Calgary can have some mean storms and those storms can kick up some serious hail. Bodily, we can find shelter, but one of our most prized possessions – our vehicles – may not be so lucky. Many a car owner has stepped outside to find their beloved ride victimized by Mother Nature.

If you want to minimize the impact of hail on your car, here are a few tips.


Secure & Covered Parking

Covered parking can save money and stress. Studies have shown the more open space around your car, the more chances are increased hail will severely damage the vehicle. Take a closer look at parking options. If you own a home, consider getting a car port.


Quick Shelter

While you can’t always be prepared for storms – many are sudden – if the option is there, find temporary shelter. The local mall usually has large, indoor parking spaces, or maybe there’s a movie theater with underground parking nearby. If you have to pay a few dollars, so what? It will be cheaper than repairing damage.


Third-party Covering

If a storm’s a-brewing, cover the car. Use heavy blankets and thick comforters that are securely tied down. There are hail car covers designed specifically for this purpose. Hail Protector sells an entire system that can notify you about upcoming storms and early warning hail forecasts, and supplies you with a heavy duty hail cover.


Unfortunately, all the preparation in the world doesn’t guarantee your vehicle will be safe during a hail storm. Fortunately, there’s All Makes Collision, one of Calgary’s top providers of repair when a car’s been damaged by hail. Our professional team of techs know the safest and most affordable procedures – like paintless dent repair – for getting your vehicle looking good as new. We work with all the major insurance companies and can save you time in that regard.


If your vehicle is victimized during a storm, give Calgary’s leader in car care, All Makes Collision, a call

(403) 536-0518

and make an appointment to have the damage assessed and repaired

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Hail damage repairs
Getting Past Hail Damage in Calgary

Anyone living in the Calgary area knows that the weather can turn on a dime, and this can prove particularly devastating to your car. Your vehicle is a substantial financial investment, and hail damage can significantly decrease its value. If you have been impacted, there is hope as hail damage can often be reversed.


Paintless Dent Repair

There is a process in which the majority of dents caused by hail can be removed, and it’s called paintless dent repair. During the process, specialized tools are able to get beneath the paint and essentially “massage” dents from the panels. This allows for its original state to become restored without having to remove your paint job.

Our staff has access to the latest tools in paintless dent repair currently available, and we are skilled in their proper use to help maintain your current factory paint job. Aside from dents resultant from hail damage, we can also fix other problems including:

  • Dings
  • Minor dents
  • Other imperfections impacting the body of your vehicle


Many Benefits to Take Advantage Of


Finding out your vehicle has been dented at the hands of natural forces can be depressing enough. Couple that with the fact that outdated techniques don’t often yield the results you are seeking and it can feel hopeless that you’ll ever return your car or truck back to its original state. When you rely on paintless dent repair, however, you’ll find there are many benefits to take advantage of.

For starters, you can maintain the value of your car. After all, there will likely be a time in the future that you’ll be interested in selling it to buy a newer model, and the small investment in this service best ensures you’re able to get your money back and more in the long run. Furthermore, the process doesn’t take long. Our competent staff makes it our goal to have you back out on the road as quickly as possible.


Overcoming the Storm

We are all susceptible to the effects of Mother Nature. However, we can overcome them. The staff here at All Makes Collision Centre is here to offer you the help you need. We have the tools and knowledge to get your vehicle looking good. Don’t give up on your car or truck. Give us a call today at

(403) 536-0518


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