Getting Past Hail Damage in Calgary

Hail damage repairs

Anyone living in the Calgary area knows that the weather can turn on a dime, and this can prove particularly devastating to your car. Your vehicle is a substantial financial investment, and hail damage can significantly decrease its value. If you have been impacted, there is hope as hail damage can often be reversed.


Paintless Dent Repair

There is a process in which the majority of dents caused by hail can be removed, and it’s called paintless dent repair. During the process, specialized tools are able to get beneath the paint and essentially “massage” dents from the panels. This allows for its original state to become restored without having to remove your paint job.

Our staff has access to the latest tools in paintless dent repair currently available, and we are skilled in their proper use to help maintain your current factory paint job. Aside from dents resultant from hail damage, we can also fix other problems including:

  • Dings
  • Minor dents
  • Other imperfections impacting the body of your vehicle


Many Benefits to Take Advantage Of


Finding out your vehicle has been dented at the hands of natural forces can be depressing enough. Couple that with the fact that outdated techniques don’t often yield the results you are seeking and it can feel hopeless that you’ll ever return your car or truck back to its original state. When you rely on paintless dent repair, however, you’ll find there are many benefits to take advantage of.

For starters, you can maintain the value of your car. After all, there will likely be a time in the future that you’ll be interested in selling it to buy a newer model, and the small investment in this service best ensures you’re able to get your money back and more in the long run. Furthermore, the process doesn’t take long. Our competent staff makes it our goal to have you back out on the road as quickly as possible.


Overcoming the Storm

We are all susceptible to the effects of Mother Nature. However, we can overcome them. The staff here at All Makes Collision Centre is here to offer you the help you need. We have the tools and knowledge to get your vehicle looking good. Don’t give up on your car or truck. Give us a call today at

(403) 536-0518