How to Prevent Road Salt Damage to Your Car

Road Salt Damage

Are you guilty of leaving salt marks on your car throughout the winter? While you may think it is okay to hold on the washing until the trees start budding, auto mechanics are warning you to do otherwise. Road salt and brine may keep the roads safe, but for your vehicle those chemicals are a disastrous cocktail.


Salt causes the following:
• Rust
• Corrosion
• Damage to the paint finish

Besides, it is not just the paint that gets caked with salt and chemicals all throughout the winter months. The undercarriage of your vehicle is completely exposed to the elements. Salt can get into the exhaust, muffler, coil springs, brake lines, and sub frame, causing havoc. When deterioration to these components occurs, your car becomes a hazard.


Now that you know the reasons why protecting your car from salt is important, here are some ways to protect your investment from damage:

Wax Your Vehicle Before Winter
Then continue waxing at least every 3 months. This will place a protective coating on the paint to prevent rust and corrosion from occurring. While you are at it, repair paint chips. If you do have paint chips, be sure to get them filled in. One chip can lead to extensive damage, because it is a direct path to the metal beneath.


Avoid Puddles
This is where dissolved salt collects. Also avoid being covered by passing plow trunks. Anything that washes your vehicle in salt will not do it any good.


Pre-Treat the Undercarriage
Many body and collision shops offer this. It is an oil solution that is sprayed on the vehicle’s exposed metal parts. During snow and slush, salt and water will have a harder time sticking to your car.


Whenever you can dig yourself out and drive to the car wash, do it. If the temperature is warm enough to melt snow, you can rinse off your vehicle. Do this every 10 days.


Get an Inspection Before Winter
A professional mechanic can pinpoint any weak spots or wear and tear that needs to be remedied before winter.


Now that you know, put these tips into action! Do not hesitate to call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

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with any questions or ask how we can help protect your car from wintry damages.