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Calgary Auto Glass Replacement
What to Do After Auto Glass Replacement

It’s important to replace an automobile’s damaged glass as quickly as possible, both to preserve its value and to ensure that it can be driven safely. There are a few things that drivers should do after the replacement to help make sure that their new glass stays in good condition for years to come.


Check the Work

No qualified repair specialist will be offended if you take the time to check their work. Examine the new glass for cracks, leaks, and other damage. Check it again a few days after the work has been done to make sure that no new problems have developed.

Take Care of It

The new glass will be attached to your vehicle with a urethane sealant, but that sealant will take a little while to cure. Depending on local conditions and the precise sealant used, you may need to wait a few hours before you drive your car. Failure to do so can lead to leaks around the new glass. You should also wait a few days before apply stickers to the glass or exposing it to stressful conditions, such as an automated car wash. Ask your repair specialist for details before you get damaged glass replaced, and be sure to follow them carefully.

Be Careful

The best way to prevent future is to drive carefully and avoid situations that could damage your car. Try to avoid parking in places with high crime rates to avoid the damage that could come from vandalism or from people trying to break into your car. Similarly, try not to part too close to anywhere that children are likely to play. A stray baseball can do a lot of damage to a car’s windshield and windows. Damage can also come from nature, so try to keep your car parked in a sheltered place during hail storms and other dangerous weather events. A little bit of prevention can go a long way.


Replacing a car’s damaged glass should always be a priority. If your car’s glass needs to be replaced or if you have any questions about the process, call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

(403) 536-0518


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