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Body Shop Estimates in Calgary
Six Reasons Body Shop Estimates Vary in Calgary

After your car has been damaged, you’re likely shopping around for a body shop in Calgary to complete the repairs. During this inquiry, you may notice that the estimates are not all the same, which can, in turn, lead to questions about why.


Different Services
Part of the issue may lie in the assessment. Body shops may notice different problems with the car. The shop that has the highest price might seem out of your budget, but a good chance exists that this shop is providing the most comprehensive service.


Materials Used
Some shops stock used parts, so they have the ability to offer a lower price. Other body shops provide new parts only. When deciding between cheaper used parts and more expensive new ones, take the quality of the parts and how long you plan to keep your car into consideration.


Ordering Supplies
In certain cases, shops may not have the necessary supplies or equipment to make the repairs. Auto mechanic shops that have to order the supplies are likely going to charge more since they now need to pay for shipping.


Years in the Business
Think about how virtually any business will raise its prices after time in the field. Established auto shops in the area may charge more than nascent ones in the field because they have more experience working on cars.


Need to Secure Your Business
A shop that is desperate for any business is likely to lower its price. Auto repair shops that are flourishing have more flexibility in sticking to a higher cost. If you do not want the repairs, the team likely knows that another customer who is willing to pay the price will come in shortly.


Companies Vary
While sometimes one of these reasons is at the center of different prices, also understand that repair shops set their own costs. Think about how likely it is that two shops would choose the exact same price.


When you are wondering why you’re receiving different price quotes from different entities, one of these reasons might be the cause. The goal is to choose the company that best serves your individual needs.

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