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Car Accident Repair in Calgary
Automobile Accident Do’s and Don’ts

An automobile accident can be a frightening experience that many on the road are unprepared to deal with. Here are a few simple and practical measures you can take that are essential in the event of a collision:

Try to remain calm. Even though an accident may cause immediate stress and heightened adrenalin, it is vitally important to keep a clear head in order to accurately assess the situation. If you, or anyone else, has been injured, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1 for medical assistance. Do not move anyone injured in the collision or leave the scene.

Even if no one has been injured, but the damages appear to be over $1000, contact the police so they can file a formal report. In the event you would need to appear in court following the accident, having an official statement will undoubtedly prove beneficial.

If possible to do safely, move your vehicle to the shoulder or somewhere out of the road. Other motorists may not notice the accident, which increases the risk of another driver colliding with a damaged vehicle. Make sure to keep your hazard lights on regardless if you are able to relocate the vehicle or not.

Record important details regarding the accident. The date and time of the collision, as well as the vehicle and insurance information of anyone else involved, will be crucial in resolving any issues related to property damage or injury. If possible to obtain, the information and statement of a witness is also helpful.

Take pictures. If there are any discrepancies between your description of the accident and another driver’s, photographic evidence is an irrefutable way to corroborate your version of the incident.

Contact your insurance company. They will need basic information about the collision, and can give further instructions on the necessary steps to take in order to document the accident.

Do not accept a cash settlement on site or sign anything other than a document provided by the police. It is always better to have the damages formally assessed and receive further instruction from your insurance company.

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