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Reduce Damage & Expense By Repairing Windshields Promptly

Chipped and cracked windshields are an inconvenience and often unavoidable. Many people think if they are minor there is no reason to rush to get them fixed, but getting a cracked or chipped windshield fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

How Chips and Cracks Impact Your Driving

Damage to a windshield can impair visibility and increase the risk of accidents. Depending on the location of the damage it may not impair visibility in an obvious way but can still create a distraction at the wrong time. Once the windshield is chipped or cracked there is a possibility of the damage expanding, especially during cold weather, creating an even bigger distraction or impaired visibility. Another danger is the crack or chip can weaken the entire windshield so it collapses when the car hits a bump or has a sudden stop.

What Makes a Windshield Unable To Be Repaired

Waiting too long to repair a windshield can lead to it being irreparable. If a crack or chip expands it can lead to further damage requiring the entire windshield be replaced. Driving with a crack or chip allows debris and moisture to be blown into the opening, creating additional damage that may not be repairable. During a repair the technician attempts to clean debris out of the opening because otherwise the glass is left discolored and cloudy following the repair which can cause further distraction and visibility problems.

Benefits of Prompt Repair

Small repairs can take as little as 30 minutes and rarely take more than an hour. Despite the inconvenience attending to the issue promptly reduces the debris and water that can collect in the crack or chip so repair is more effective. Once a repair is put off not only is more damage potentially done to the windshield, but it makes it too easy to continue to neglect it until the damage becomes irreparable and dangerous. Repairs are often covered by insurance, but insurance may also be more difficult if the company realizes the damage is more extensive because of neglect.

Avoiding chips and cracks is preferable and can be done by keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and parking in a covered area during bad weather. Not all damage is completely avoidable, but swiftly addressing the issue is best. Call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

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