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The Process Behind Paint Chip Repair

Our last post informed readers how to tell when you need a windshield chip or crack repair versus a full windshield replacement.

Similarly, it is important to know when you may need a paint chip repair or a full paint job for your auto body repair.

Coming off the road from summer road trips can leave the body of your vehicle less than in tip-top shape. Gravel, rocks and debris from the highway can kick-up and scratch the paint on your vehicle.

Alternatively, minor dents can be acquired from busy parking lots, just think summertime at Lake Louise and you will know what I mean.

Paint Chip Repair – Micro or Full Repair?

Many times when looking into fixing automotive dents and scratches consumers are quoted high, told they need to replace the entire panel, for example. While this can be the case on occasion, it is important to tell when only a micro-repair is needed.

What Constitutes a Micro-Repair on your Vehicle?

Micro-repairs are done to small areas needing touch-ups. Micro-repairs can include; dents, paint chips, or paint scratch and scuffs caused by road debris or a minor collision, like bumping a car door into another one, or accidentally bumping into a parking block.

Micro-Repair Supplies

There are kits available for do-it-yourself micro-repairs. For handy do-it-yourselfers this can provide a quick fix.paint chip repair paint

Alternatively, if you are looking for fast turn-around time and expert professionalism, take your vehicle to your nearby micro-repair specialist.

There are definite differences in the quality of supplies used between do-it-yourself kits and professional micro-repair services.

For example, the paint we use on body repairs is DuPont Cromax Pro. This paint meets the highest standards set by all vehicle manufacturers. It is of the highest quality and is also environmentally friendly.

Get Expert Advice

Ultimately if you are unsure whether or not you have received a fair estimate, get a second opinion. Feel free to contact us if you have questions about your quote.

We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Call us today at 403-536-0518.

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