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Tire Installation Calgary – What to Know and Where to Go

tire installation calgary

Do you have winter tires and wheels ready to go? Need them balanced and mounted?

Here is some information on what that means, how to tell when you need it done, and where to go to get it done.

We’ve noticed a lot of people have been wondering what is the best tire installation Calgary offers? Tire installation includes mounting tires and balancing wheels.

Tire Mounting

This process includes placing the tires onto the wheels/rims and then installing them onto the axels of the vehicle.

It is important that this process is performed by a professional with the knowhow and proper equipment.

Tire beads must be seated accurately and mounted securely on the wheel. It is important that the wheel be in good condition, not at all bent or damaged.

Next, the hub of the axel must be clear of dirt or debris prior to mounting the tire. Any dirt or debris may cause the tire to be placed unevenly, which could cause pressure or tension to be placed on the other components. With the wheel evenly seated the lug nuts should be properly torqued to the bolts.

Wheel Balancing

Balanced wheels can greatly affect the driving experience as well as the longevity of your tires.

A balanced wheel means that the distribution of weight is even. When the tire is mounted on the axle the weight of the tire is uniform around the axel, there are no areas heavier than others.

The benefit of balanced wheels is to improve performance and decrease unnecessary wear on the tires.

An out of balance wheel will cause vibrations while spinning, making certain areas of the tire wear more quickly than others, due to more pressure and friction placed on that specific area. This can lead to balding of tires, tire blowout or simply needing to replace tires more frequently than the quality of the tire deems necessary. It also wears down bearings, shocks and other suspension mechanisms.

The Process Behind Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is completed with the wheels off the vehicle.

A trained technician will use a machine designated to testing the where the tire and wheel assembly is off balance.

One at a time, each tire and wheel is measured using the machine, by a series of spinning diagnostic tests.

From there the technician can correct areas that are off by redistributing the weight at those specific areas. This is done by placing small weights to the rim at those locations.

Tire Installation – How to DIY

It is important to consider your level of comfort and expertise with vehicles before attempting any DIY. In addition one must have the proper tools required for the job.

Here is a video on proper tire installation:


[youtube height=”600px” width=”100%”][/youtube]


Tire and wheel packages may be purchased, where the tires arrive mounted on the wheel and balanced.

If you have purchased a tire/wheel package here’s a link to instructions on how to install the package c/o

Does Quality Matter?

One may ask; does quality matter when having a tire installation done or should I go with the lowest price?

It is important to make sure the shop you choose to install your tires has qualified staff that care about their craftsmanship and have the proper tools for the job. You want to make sure the staff will take care of your rims, not scratch them, and balance them properly.

When it comes to your vehicle, safety is of paramount importance. Make sure the shop you go with take appropriate precautionary measures.

Basic precautions and observations include:

  • Ensuring tire beads are securely mounted
  • Inspecting that the wheel is not bent or damaged
  • Checking there is no build-up of dirt or debris between the hub and the wheel
  • Ensuring the lugs have been properly torqued
  • Checking the wheel is securely seated on the hub

Check consumer reviews before choosing a shop.

Tire Installation Calgary – Cost and Locations

Cost varies between $60.00 and $100.00 for an installation with balancing. Cost can depend on the size/type of your vehicle.

Once your tires are in check, see what else you need to prepare for winter driving.



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