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Animal Collision
How To Respond To A Collision With Wildlife

We’ve all been through that harrowing experience–a run-in with wildlife. This unfortunate circumstance occurs frequently especially in rural areas.


Car Insurance


If you have hit into a large animal such as a deer or moose in the past, you know that the impact causes severe damage to the vehicle. It is important to purchase collision coverage and comprehensive coverage when you buy your car insurance. Insurance coverage will cover most of the damages sustained if you have a violent encounter with wildlife.


Collision And Comprehensive Coverage? Which One Applies?


If the animal was alive and appeared suddenly in the roadway just before the accident, then collision coverage will typically apply. If the animal is already dead in the roadway, collision coverage will typically apply. This is because there is an unspoken expectation for you to see the animal in time to make a reasonable effort to avoid a collision.


How To Eliminate The Chances Of A Collision


It has been stated that 47% of crashes in Canada involve wildlife. Every hour, between four and eight car accidents occur that involve large animals. Some basic precautions to lessen the chance of a collision have been listed below.


Scan the road in front of you from shoulder to shoulder. Dusk and dawn are the times to be on the highest alert, as animals are on the move at this time. Because deer tend to travel in herds, be on the alert if you see even one–there are probably more.


Drive a little slower than the speed limit at night. This will give you the most chance to respond in the event of an unexpected encounter.


Brake firmly and do not swerve if an animal is standing or crossing the road. Swerving may cause you to loss control of your vehicle and create a more serious collision.


If You Do Have A Collision


In the event of a collision, call 911. If the animal is injured, do not try to help it. Call the local police. If the animal has been killed, move it from the roadway only if you can do so without endangering yourself or other drivers.


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