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Windshield repair in Calgary
Actively Avoiding Rock Chips on the Road

Whether a veteran driver or a beginner, scattering rock chips and wheel rotation don’t mix. Here are some sharp tips to avoid damage to your vehicle, glass and other automobiles on the road.



One of the most important factors when dealing with solid debris while driving is speed. The physics and powerful forces exhibited on tires is not on your side. The faster they spin, the more force they exert on rocks, pebbles, gravel, etc. Slowing down is key to limiting the distance and damaging velocity of debris like rock chips. When approaching an all gravel driveway, take it very slow and keep sudden acceleration to a minimum. Ensuring rock chips and gravel will only jump a couple of inches, this is also very important on busy roads and highways.

A typical scenario on a freeway will be loose gravel scattered about the road. As you are gliding at a steady 90 km/h, reduce your speed as much as possible but at a smooth, gradual pace for safety. Exercising caution will surely guarantee rock chips will scatter lower to the ground and not wind up slamming into your windshield.


Keeping your distance from all vehicles in front of you is always the smart idea. Large double wheeled trucks, semis, pickups and even fast moving cars will ruin your front end paint job or windshield in no time. Many of these vehicles have no mud flaps or other protections in place. The closer you are the more damage you are going to incur at once or over time. Even a clean road can be a long term nightmare from grit and sand. Keep a healthy distance; tail gating is never a wise idea for any driver.



Being a keen and alert driver is everything about the process.

While to most this may seem obvious, we are more distracted than ever. It is effortless on a long drive to ease back into a state of less heightened awareness. Paying focused attention to what is on the road ahead of you will always give you the edge. Many times you can see rock chips, debris, and dangerous hazards on the pavement ahead. Sometimes, you can see debris like rock chips peppering out of the back of a truck. Stay alert, and you can avoid headaches like scratches and dings in your vehicle, let alone dangerous accidents.


When it comes to avoidance of road hazards like rock chips or other significant debris, using common sense is always best.

Mind high speeds, be sincerely focused on other vehicles around you and take great caution watching if the road is clear ahead. Keeping a more than comfortable distance from gravel trucks and large vehicles will go a long way.


A driver can never avoid all the small obstacles in their way so if you need repairs from cracks or other damages call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

(403) 536-0518


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Damaged Windshield Calgary
Replace Or Repair A Damaged Windshield

If you have a damaged windshield, then you may be wondering whether you should have it replaced or repaired. In the past, a damaged windshield would always have to be replaced. However, the numerous advances that have been made in auto technology make it easier to repair a damaged windshield. Below is a list of tips that will help you decide whether to repair or replace a damaged windshield:

When To Repair Your Windshield

Windshields are typically repaired by filling in the chips and cracks by injecting the liquid. If a rock chip is the size of a quarter or smaller, then it can probably be repaired. Cracks that are three inches or less can usually be repaired.

Keep in mind that a windshield repair should be done as quickly as possible. If a windshield is not repaired quickly, then the chip or crack could get much better. Additionally, it costs less to repair a damaged windshield. The cost of repairing the damaged windshield will likely be covered by your auto insurance company.

When To Replace Your Windshield

Replacement requires removing the entire windshield. It is recommended if the windshield is damaged beyond repair. If the windshield is damaged in an accident, then it should be replaced. It should also be replaced if it is damaged by a large object.

You could be fined if you are caught driving with a cracked windshield. Windshield replacement is considered to be a safety precaution by most insurance companies. That is why auto insurance companies typically cover the cost of windshield replacement. However, your insurance company may require that you pay a deductible before they pay anything.

If you are looking for an auto body shop company, then you should consider contacting All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary. The phone number is

(403) 536-0518


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windshield repair in Calgary
Reduce Damage & Expense By Repairing Windshields Promptly

Chipped and cracked windshields are an inconvenience and often unavoidable. Many people think if they are minor there is no reason to rush to get them fixed, but getting a cracked or chipped windshield fixed as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

How Chips and Cracks Impact Your Driving

Damage to a windshield can impair visibility and increase the risk of accidents. Depending on the location of the damage it may not impair visibility in an obvious way but can still create a distraction at the wrong time. Once the windshield is chipped or cracked there is a possibility of the damage expanding, especially during cold weather, creating an even bigger distraction or impaired visibility. Another danger is the crack or chip can weaken the entire windshield so it collapses when the car hits a bump or has a sudden stop.

What Makes a Windshield Unable To Be Repaired

Waiting too long to repair a windshield can lead to it being irreparable. If a crack or chip expands it can lead to further damage requiring the entire windshield be replaced. Driving with a crack or chip allows debris and moisture to be blown into the opening, creating additional damage that may not be repairable. During a repair the technician attempts to clean debris out of the opening because otherwise the glass is left discolored and cloudy following the repair which can cause further distraction and visibility problems.

Benefits of Prompt Repair

Small repairs can take as little as 30 minutes and rarely take more than an hour. Despite the inconvenience attending to the issue promptly reduces the debris and water that can collect in the crack or chip so repair is more effective. Once a repair is put off not only is more damage potentially done to the windshield, but it makes it too easy to continue to neglect it until the damage becomes irreparable and dangerous. Repairs are often covered by insurance, but insurance may also be more difficult if the company realizes the damage is more extensive because of neglect.

Avoiding chips and cracks is preferable and can be done by keeping a safe distance from other vehicles and parking in a covered area during bad weather. Not all damage is completely avoidable, but swiftly addressing the issue is best. Call All Makes Collision Centre in Calgary at

(403) 536-0518


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