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Winter Tires Calgary – Do you Need them?

Global News published an article this week stating that studies show that less than half of the Alberta population uses winter tires.Winter tires

“The Tire and Rubber Association of Canada survey shows that 45 per cent of Albertans are using winter tires, which is below the 51 per cent national average,” quotes the article by Slav Kornik.

It is not mandatory to drive with winter tires, although many believe it should be. Quebec is the only province in Canada where it is mandatory to sport winter tires on a motor vehicle.

“According to tire experts, once the temperature drops below seven degrees Celsius, all-season tires lose their grip and braking distance.”

Facts about Winter Tires

winter-tires-vs-all-season-tires-photo-90294-s-429x262– Winter Tires are made out of a softer rubber than all season tires, allowing for greater traction
– Winter tires have more treads and deeper grooves than all seasons tires
– These factors above allow for greater traction control on snow and ice
– All season grooves are less deep. Snow and ice forms and packs in the grooves preventing the rubber from contacting the road surface

More Tire Tips for Winter

Make sure your tires have the proper amount of air in them. Fluctuations in temperature and air pressure can cause tire pressure to change as well.

Tires work optimally at their designation psi. If the air pressure is too low, they will not grip properly.

If you do decide to drive with all seasons, check the depth of the tire tread. Tread depth should be at least 6/32nds of an inch, to be effective.

Book an appointment with your local automotive specialist to order your winter tires and have them installed.

Lead-time right now to get in averages a few weeks. However, once your appointment is booked, the job is done for same day return.

General Tips for Winter Driving in Alberta

Make sure you have the following things taken care of this winter to ensure safer travels.

– A trustworthy battery
– Antifreeze topped up
– Oil topped up and changed regularly
– Maintain your tire pressure
– Have backup washer fluid and antifreeze in your car
– Pack emergency winter clothing in your trunk in case you break down and become stranded

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