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How Auto Body Repair Quality Can Affect Your Car’s Value

Auto body work is a necessity for all drivers. You will be involved in an accident or incident that requires repairs, but you do not know when these events will occur. The quality of the work done on you car greatly impacts the value of your car, and that impact is documented in this article. Each category below is changed to moment poor work is done to your vehicle.


Cosmetic Value

The exterior of your car has a cosmetic value that is found in the eye of the beholder. Someone who wishes to purchase your car will pay less for exterior body work that does not look beautiful. The body work needs to be so good that no can tell the work was done. This sort of seamless construction maintains your car’s value.


Structural Integrity

Body work can have a negative impact on your car if it is done poorly. A buyer may not notice these problems at first, but they will feel the poor quality of the work when they test drive the car. The situation could become even worse if a buyer notices a problem with the car that you did not disclose after completing the purchase. This sort of fraudulent behavior could land you in small claims court.


 Aerodynamic Efficiency

Your car is built to be as aerodynamic as possible. The engine, transmission, suspension and wheels work in tandem to let your car slip through the air. Poor body work makes the car less fuel efficient, and the service history for the car may reveal this sort of trouble. A buyer who test drives your car may hear panels wobble, and it is possible that something could break during a test drive.


Original Parts

A buyer may not know if the proper parts were used to repair your car, but you never know who is in the know. Improper parts will send up red flags in the minds of wise buyers, and they may not purchase your car at all because they believe your car has been pieced together from scraps.


The only real solution to these problems is proper body work. You must come to All Makes Collision Centre for assistance with all repairs to your vehicle. These repairs will be completed with the proper parts, and you will receive your car in mint condition after the repairs.

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