Who decides when my vehicle will be repaired?

The choice is yours! Your insurance company may suggest a shop; however the final decision is always up to you, the customer. Taking it to a licensed and qualified auto body shop such as Woodridge All Makes Collision Centre is important. We warranty the work done on your vehicle, not the insurance company.

Do I need multiple estimates?

No. Only one estimate is necessary. If your insurance company requires more information they will send an appraiser to the shop your vehicle is at or they may come to your home or work to assess the repair.

Should I have a damage sticker?

A damage sticker is required in Alberta if you are involved in a motor vehicle collision and the damages exceed $5,000. First, you must file a police report and obtain a damage sticker prior to having your vehicle repaired.

Where do I get a damage sticker?

Did the damage take place inside Calgary’s city limits? If so, any police station in the city can issue a damage sticker. Did the collision happen outside of Calgary’s city limits? If so, you must obtain a damage sticker from the RCMP.

How do I get an estimate?

Please contact a Woodridge All Makes Collision Centre specialist at 403-536-0518 or the button in the top right of the website to book your free estimate if you are unsure if the damages to your vehicle are over $2,000.

How do I get a claim number?

A claim number is assigned by the insurance company when you report your accident. Your claim number and damage sticker, if required, is the only information All Makes Collision Centre needs to start your repair process.