Did you know even the smallest crack or chip in your windshield greatly reduces it’s safety factor? Not to mention at any moment it could rapidly expand throughout your windshield?

We know getting that small chip or crack repaired is very inconvenient for most people. That’s why we set ourselves apart from other auto glass repair services Calgary offers.


Our auto glass repair services involves an advanced process that is backed by one of Calgary’s largest windshield (front, side, and back) glass suppliers. If you only have a small windshield chip or crack we can repair it. We can also replace your whole windshield if it’s badly damaged – even while you wait for an auto body repair!

If your side or back windows or sunroof are cracked or broken we have the ability to replace them for you as well. We want to provide you with the fairest price for the auto glass repairs you need – when you need them.


By 2025, around half of all vehicles on the road will have Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which rely on cameras, lasers and radar attached to the windshield. If you need a new windshield, it’s important to choose one that is fully compatible with your vehicle, and maintains the normal operation of important safety features which include adaptive cruise, blind spot monitoring and front collision sensors. At Woodridge All Makes Collision Centre, every vehicle that leaves our facility after having new glass fitted is recalibrated to work as the manufacturer intended.


In case you’re interested in the process of your auto glass repair, we can fill you in. For micro repairs, we place a vacuum stationary block on the centre of damaged area, drill and inject resin into crack, and within a minute under a UV lamp, the chip or crack is cured.

When removing your damaged windshield, we start by removing the window wipers; if damaged, we recommend you get replacements so you do not scratch or damage your new windshield. Our trained glass technicians then remove the cowl which is located at the bottom of your front windshield and we make sure all glass is cleaned up and the area is clean. Our technicians then remove all old glue and weather stripping, once again ensuring the area is clean and fresh, ready for the new product to be applied. To ensure our customer safety, we remove and clean up all broken glass fragments.

Once the new windshield is in place, your vehicle’s computer is calibrated to return camera reliant functions back to manufacturer standard.


If you drive a car, truck or SUV, we offer our services to  any make or model of vehicle you drive.


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