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Wheel Repair Calgary – What to Know and Where to Go

At All Makes Collision Centre we are experts in what we do: auto body and glass repair. Recently we have noticed people asking about wheel repair.

While we do not do wheel repair, we outsource it to one of our colleagues at Alberta Wheel Repair & Restoration.
They are our trusted source for the best wheel repair Calgary offers.

None-the-less we would love to give you some information on when you may need a wheel repair, what a fair price looks like, when to do it yourself and other tips about wheel repair.

When You may Need a Wheel Repair

Wheel repair can be necessary in many types of scenarios. Alberta Wheel Repair & Restoration lists all the types of wheel repair:

  • Damage Repairs & Restorations
  • Paint & Polish
  • Straightening
  • Alloy, Steel & Magnesium Wheels
  • Bolt Hole Repairs
  • Motorcycle Wheels
  • Truck Wheels: Repair & Ridge Rebuilding for 22.5″ and 24.5″ Wheels
  • Certified Aluminum Welding Procedures

Wheel damage is often caused by hitting a curb with a wheel. The impact can break pieces off the wheel, scratch, dent or remove paint from the wheel. Going over potholes and speed bumps too fast are other common causes of wheel damage.

Your wheel can be repaired, from refinishing to straightening and even welding.

Where to Go

As previously mentioned we outsource our wheel repair to the experts at Alberta Wheel Repair & Restoration. They have the proper tools, equipment and know how.

wheel repair calgary

DIY Versus Wheel Repair at a Shop

It is possible to DIY your wheel repair project. Of course time and skill are two factors to consider if you want to DIY. If you are a handy person who enjoys projects then DIY is a great option and saves you the labour costs of having it done professionally.

If however, you are not the handy type who likes side projects than getting it done professionally will likely save you time and frustration.

Here is a video that explain how to do it yourself:

[youtube height=”500″ width=”100%”][/youtube]

How Long Does a Wheel Repair Take?

Turn-around time can vary depending on the scope of the job. Here is a guide to go by:

  • Refinishing One Wheel – 2-3 days
  • Refinishing a Set of Wheels – 3-5 days
  • Straightening – 1 day
  • Cracks – 3-4 days

Turn-around time can also vary depending on the work load any given week or time of the year.

The busiest times of the year for wheel repair tend to be late fall, before snowfall, early spring and sporadically throughout summer.

What is a Fair Price on a Wheel Repair in Calgary?

Prices on wheel repair vary depending on the type and scope of service.

On average refinishing a single wheel is around $100.00-$150.00. Straightening is around $75.00-$100.00. Welding and straightening is around $100.00-$150.00.

Having said that, there are variables that affect the cost of a wheel repair. It is recommended that a unique quote be given for each scenario.

What Variables Affect Pricing?

Variables include the following:

  • Number of wheels
  • Type of wheels
  • Damage incurred

Labour time can vary job to job so the time it will take to repair your wheel will impact the quote.

Do you have any tips or suggestions about wheel repair in Calgary? Was this blog post helpful?


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