Winter Driving

Winter is in full swing in Calgary! Driving on the ice and snow may not be a joy, but we’ve got a few tips to get you through winter safely.

1. Clear your vehicle of ice and snow – all of it

Put that snow brush to work! Makes sure all the snow and ice is cleared from your vehicle before embarking on your next journey. This ensures that you can see clearly, and that other drivers can see you! If not removed, large chunks of ice can build in crevices and eventually break loose while you’re on the road. For everyone’s safety, take the extra time to brush & scrape your vehicle completely.

2. Get your vehicle serviced

If you haven’t already had your vehicle serviced this winter, there’s no time like the present! Your service department likely has service packages to keep your vehicle running in top winter condition. They’ll top off fluids and check the life of things like your battery and breaks.  The Works package at Woodridge Ford offers a vehicle report card which outlines your current & future service requirements.

3. Consider changing your tires

Winter tires are engineered with a different kind of rubber that better grips the ice and snow. They also have deeper treads that help reduce snow buildup. Purchasing a set of winter tires may be costly, but may also save you money in the long run.

4. Have an emergency kit

These can be purchased in-store and online – or you can make them yourself! Make sure your kit includes jumper cables, a first aid kit, extra food and water, and a cell phone charger. Know your insurance policy as well; many insurance companies will reimburse you at least some of the cost of any roadside assistance fees.

5. Consider changing your wipers

When was the last time you changed your windshield wipers? Did you know that they typically only have a 6 month life span? There are many cost effective brands in the market, and if you’d like to have them purchased and installed all at once, come see use at All-Makes Collision and Glass.

Stay safe on the roads out there, Calgary!  What are your best winter-driving tips?

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