As you purchasing a new vehicle there are many options to decide on. One of those options, and the most exciting, is color! Do you want a bright color that stands out in the parking lot? Or are you more interested in a color that is more subtle and blends in? Either way, we are going to discuss which car color is the easiest to care for and what that color says about you.


Which color hides dirt the best?

If you are like most of the population, you enjoy having a clean car but you also do not like to spend a lot of time cleaning your vehicle. The best colors to hide dirt would be beige, tan, champagne, or khaki. Basically the color of dust, so it won’t show up unless there is a substantial amount of dust buildup. It is also forgiving when it comes to heat due to its light color. If you own one of these colors, you are down-to-earth, thrifty and honest.

Which color is the hardest to keep clean?

The hardest colors to keep clean include dark blue, black, gray or any other dark colors. They are hard to keep clean because when dust settles, it can be easily seen on dark colors. You are also able to see water spots, pollen dirt, and salt a lot easier on these colors.



When we think about dressing up in black, we often think about black-tie events and cocktail dresses. It is a sign of luxury and sophistication. If you own a black vehicle, you are dignified, timeless, important and always in control. There are two sides of owning a black car, you could be more reserved and have a private personality, perhaps introverted. Or on the opposite end, you could also be implying a strong desire to be respected. People who prioritize social status are more extroverted and often live in the moment.

There’s nothing like a freshly clean, shiny black car. However there are some downsides of owning one. One downside is that it is the hottest color, literally! Not only will the outside heat up due to the sun but it will also cause the interior to heat up with it. Black also shows every paint flaw and speck of dirt.



Usually this color is associated with honesty and purity. If you have a white vehicle, you have taste, elegance and most likely are a perfectionist. You want to present a fresh, young, modern face to the outside world, perhaps even a love for technology. You most likely are an extroverted, outgoing personality type that gets your energy from social situations.

White is one of the top 3 easiest colors to own for ease of maintenance. It hides dirt and grime very well. White also reflects the suns rays, meaning it won’t heat up as much and as fast as other colors.

Dark Blue

If you own a blue car, you are compassionate, optimistic, stable, honest, and calm. You have a strong sense of self and wisdom. Owning a blue car means you are probably introverted in personality that enjoys your alone time. You most likely focus your energy on friends and family and generally the simple things in life.

Rising in popularity this color is not as hard to take care of as black but it a close second or third. Dark blue will not reach the same heat temperature as black does sitting in the sun all day, but it is quite close. On the brighter side this color is very visually appealing and has a really good re-sale value.



A zest for life! People who own red vehicles are outgoing, aggressive, fun and impulsive. If your car is red, you are most likely ambitious and determined to get all you can out of life. You tend to be extroverted and a confident go-getter!

Red is often associated with sports cars or speeding tickets but when it comes to maintenance it is a decent choice. It is quite easier than darker colors but you still need to watch for spider-webbing, dust and swirl marks when caring for this color. Depending on the manufacturer, some red paints might fade faster due to UV rays. Over time, UV rays cause molecular bonds to break meaning it no longer interacts with the light in the same way. It becomes less reflective and duller. When it comes to heat transfer, it is much easier than the darker colors.


If you have a grey car, you know there is a difference between silver and grey. Grey doesn’t need to be as flashy as silver, it is portrays more dignity, tradition and maturity. It is also the color of caution and compromise, you’d rather life be more easy-going than have big ups and downs. Gray is less common and conventional as silver, so it may suggest a desire for individuality and uniqueness.

Grey is considered an elegant and sophisticated color. It is easy on care and maintenance depending on how dark the shade is, which the same goes for the heat build up in the sun. It truly is the winning combination for many.


Silver is a sign that you are practical, innovative, business-savvy and have good taste. You probably enjoy your job but you might have a tendency to work too hard. Unlike grey, silver has a metallic glow to it that resembles a modern taste. This indicates that you are sophisticated and you love a classic color that looks sleek.

The color that tops the list of ease is silver. It is not the color of dust but it is light enough without being white to be similar. It doesn’t show grime like a true white car would and it’s very forgiving when it comes to heat buildup.


While this list doesn’t represent every color available, hopefully there are some helpful tips and things to consider when purchasing your next vehicle. While there are many people who are intrigued by darker colors, next time you might think twice. If you do have the pleasure of owning a black vehicle, I would recommend investing in some amazing car wax.

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