The arrival of spring signals the start of the driving season.  Here are five tips to get your vehicle ready for your next road trip.


  1. Change your Tires
    It’s time to remove your winter tires and change them to all-season tires.  Even though our unpredictable weather could mean another snow storm, changing your tires now will beat the rush.


  1. Take it for an inspection
    Winter can be rough on vehicles so now is a good time to have it inspected by a licensed mechanic.  Your mechanic will have the knowledge and training to look for and repair and damage caused by a harsh winter.


  1. Spring Cleaning
    Road salt makes for better traction during the winter, but can play havoc on your ride.  Salt can eat away at your vehicle and make it deteriorate quickly and can cause damage.  The salt can find its way inside your vehicle too so don’t forget to clean the interior.


  1. Change your Fluids
    This spring do more than just top up your vehicle fluid levels – change them.  It helps maintain your vehicle and keep it in top running order. Typically, when you get your vehicle serviced they should provide a complete change of fluids if required, such as windshield washer fluid, oil, oil filter, transmission fluid to name a few. Check with your vehicle maintenance schedule.


  1. Check the Alignment
    Potholes and rough winter roads can impair your vehicle’s road handling ability and cause uneven tire wear.  When you’re servicing your vehicle, ask the technician for a wheel alignment and tire balance.

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