Like your front windshield, your back window is just as important and serves a purpose. But unlike your windshield, the back glass is made from tempered glass, which is stronger than the windshield. Much like other glasses on your vehicle, your rear window could be damaged. Here are some ways the back glass could be damaged and what to watch for.

Changes in Temperature

Calgary is known for sudden temperature changes; we’ll have snowfall as early as September, and our chinooks can warm up our coldest days! On hot days, your windows will expand, and during winter, the glass will contract. You can’t see the change, but that does not mean it isn’t happening; this puts an enormous amount of pressure on the glass. All makes and models of vehicles have vents inside the car that allow the vehicle to breathe (especially Minivans & SUVs). If the back of the car is so packed with suitcases, packages, boxes and the vents are not allowed to breathe, and there is too much humidity in the vehicle, a back window or sunroof may blow out. When tempered glass shatters, thousands of tiny shards of broken glass will go everywhere.

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Rocks and Debris

You’re most likely used to rocks and debris flinging at you from the car driving in front. But did you know it also happens to your back window? Most commonly, cars going the opposite direction, usually on two-lane roads with no barrier in between, basically those roads we take to drive towards B.C. A rock may hit your back glass and not explode immediately but create a weak spot in your tempered glass, and with the pressure of slamming a door once you stop or get to your destination, the back glass could explode. We’ve seen numerous times a sunroof blows out due to too much humidity in the vehicle or a back glass explode (think numerous hockey bags in the back after a whole weekend tournament).

It is also essential to clean the tailgate and/or trunk area of snow & ice with temperature fluctuations ice can put undue pressure on a backglass /tailgate glass.

Rear Hatch Hinges & Defrost

There are times when the rear hinges on the backglass may rust or become loose. If caught or noticed in time, these parts can be replaced before you need to replace the glass. Most back glass also has defrost/heat lines built-in and can be damaged by packages rubbing the grid lines, or the defrost tab may become loose or damaged. If this is something you are noticing, please call All Makes Auto Glass.