Windshield installation is a highly specialized task. Autoglass repair shops employ skilled technicians with a strong skill set and a broad knowledge base. Vehicles can vary in their windshield installation. This is true from make to make, but there are also significant differences between car windshield replacement, truck windshield replacement, and RV windshield replacement. Those who consider themselves financially savvy when they go to an amateur for a windshield replacement might be getting more than they bargained for.

Improper Windshield Replacement Leads to More Damage

If your windshield isn’t properly replaced, there’s a good chance you’ll need another replacement soon. A windshield that doesn’t set correctly isn’t distributing wind pressure in the right way. This can lead to uneven forces on your windshield that could lead to shattering. This is likely to happen in situations where a properly installed windshield would have only been chipped, like getting hit by a small rock. Your windshield is also unlikely to hold the proper position as the seals won’t set as required.

Increased Risk During Accidents

Windshields aren’t just for seeing through, and they play a structural role in your vehicle. Today’s car designs don’t waste any opportunities; the strength of the windshields is taken into consideration when planning a safe car. A poorly installed windshield might not be able to bear the forces it’s meant to during a collision. This can lead to severe injuries. During a rollover, the roof of the car could even collapse without the added support of the windshield.

Bad Seals Lead to Leakage

While a less serious concern, nobody wants to have water dripping into their vehicle. When seals don’t set properly, they let water get through. This can lead to water noticeably dripping through during rain or a carwash. It can also cause moisture to accumulate inside your vehicle. This can damage certain upholsteries and lead to mildew. Your windshield could fog up much more than regularly, decreasing visibility.

How to Tell if Your Windshield Isn’t Installed Properly

Now that you know the dangers, what should you be watching for? Any visible water leakage is a sure sign. If you can hear excessive wind or whistling noise, your windshield likely isn’t installed correctly. It’s also a good sign that your windshield isn’t right if you went to a friend of a friend for a discount, instead of heading to a licensed auto glass repair shop.