A sunroof is a window that is mounted on the roof of vehicles. Many car owners love having a sunroof and being in Calgary, where we don’t get a lot of sunlight, but when we do, it is nice to roll down all our windows and open up the sunroof to soak up every last bit of Vitamin D we can get!

With a push of a button, this vehicle will make your car feel more luxurious and spacious, and having it open on beautiful days makes it that much more satisfying. Plus, it gives the vehicle a cool stylish look.

Although sunroofs make driving your car more enjoyable, people often forget that it does require maintenance, just like every other part of the car. Just like windows and windshields, the sunroof is also prone to rock chips, cracks and breakage. Ignoring these can lead to more significant problems. A few issues you can face are:

  1. Leaking Roof – We don’t get a lot of rain in Calgary, but when we do, sometimes it can be heavy rain and sometimes it comes with hail. In these situations, every motorist is grateful that we have protection from the downpour. Sunroofs are designed to allow any falling water to drain through the corners and flow down drainage tubes. Any damages can cause these drains to become clogged, and when that happens, the water will build up and seep into the vehicle, which can potentially cause damage to the interior. (the water will typically pool on the floorboards/carpet in the front of the vehicle)
  2. Mechanical Issues – Your sunroof may not completely close, respond correctly or only open halfway; this could be due to several things such as dirt or debris getting stuck in the motors or gears, a dead motor or damaged wires. If your sunroof fails to function even a little bit, it is important to get it looked at to identify the problem.
  3. Not All Sunroofs Are Created Equal – Some manufacturers today are using Laminated glass for sunroofs, this is the same glass used for Windshields, but UNLIKE Windshields, you cannot repair a Rock Chip on a Sunroof as this glass moves & flexes when in motion. 
  4. Tempered Glass is much stronger than laminated, but the downfall is if one breaks, glass can become jammed in the tracks & make the replacement of your sunroof much costlier.  If your sunroof explodes on you, DO NOT touch the sunroof button, close the inside cover and call us immediately.

If you ignore repairing your sunroof for too long, the damages can increase and can lead to costlier repairs in the future. A sunroof can double your costs from damage to internal components because of leaks to broken glass or blown motors. A sunroof can enhance the value of your vehicle, but if damaged, it can be completely useless. Bring your car to us. Our team of experts can take all the worry out of your day.